What are the advantages of drop shipping?

You have discovered drop shipping and want to know more about its benefits? You are on the right page!

First, let’s explain what drop shipping is. Drop shipping is a relatively new business model where a retailer doesn’t own any stock. When the retailer receives an order, he purchases the product from his drop shipping supplier, who sends the product directly to the final customer. The retailer, also called drop-shipper, never holds the stock.

There are many benefits to drop shipping compared to regular retailing since drop-shippers don’t need to invest in stock:

  1. Buying stock is one of the biggest investments for retailers, so being able to skip it is a very big advantage. It means that you have more money for other aspects of your business; to invest in a good website or marketing for example. It also means that in case your business fails, you won’t be left with debts and unsold stock.
  2. You don’t have the expenses related to storing your stock by renting a warehouse or pay employees to manage and secure your stock.
  3. Your company don’t fulfil orders, your supplier does this for you, so you don’t need extra staff for the time-consuming task of preparing orders, and you don’t need to worry about ordering packing supplies.
  4. You don’t even need an office, you can work from anywhere in the world! Yes, anywhere. At  home, on the train, on the beach, on the other side of the world, it doesn’t matter as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

Does it sound too easy?

Well, it is not that easy to start. The thing is, established drop-shippers don’t share their secrets, and it is understandable. They worked hard to find their suppliers, to find the right products and advertise their ecommerce website in an effective way.

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